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First of all. Holy crap. Congratulations on finding the love of your life. That's a big deal. & so are the photos of your big day that you'll have FOREVER.

-The process -

I want you to be fully confident that my style is what you want. This is sort of like dating, without the nervous sweats. Please sift through my photos.

 If you are attracted to my style and we mesh then hello, this is gunna be magic. If not, promise that is totally okay and I GET IT!

To me this isn't about making an extra buck. I want to get to know you. Get to know what makes your love story beautiful, and capture exactly that in photos that you will be able to show your grandkids.

Same thing goes for engagement sessions or couples session.

I'll get to know you, your story and break the ice real quick. 

Our session will be loads of fun and you'll walk away like "yeah, I could totally do this again."

wedding photographer, elopement photographer, couple photographer